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8 Ball Pool is an extremely popular online multiplayer pool game.

Developed by Miniclip, the game was released in 2010 and quickly gained fame, becoming one of the most-played mobile games of all time. The game mode is very simple and addictive.


Essentially, 8 Ball Pool follows the traditional rules of the classic pool game where players aim to pot all of their assigned balls (whether striped or solid) and then the black 8 ball to win. The game can be played on various platforms including mobile devices, web browsers, and even social media platforms.

Its controls are intuitive and easy to use, allowing players to adjust the angle and power of shots using the stick. Aiming is aided by guidelines that help players visualize the trajectory of their shot.

Social and competitive aspects

What sets 8 Ball Pool apart from other pool games is the strong emphasis on social interaction and competitiveness. Players have the opportunity to challenge their friends or other users from around the world to thrilling matches, making the experience both enjoyable and addictive. 8 Ball Pool also supports logging in via Facebook or Miniclip accounts, which further encourages friendly competition and allows players to compare their progress on global leaderboards.

Rise Through the Ranks

8 Ball Pool offers a progressive leveling system that keeps players hooked as they strive to improve their skills and move up the ranks. With each game won, players earn experience points that contribute to their overall level. As they advance, they unlock new cues, table designs, and special features, adding a rewarding element of achievement to the gameplay.

Customization Options

Personalization is a significant aspect of 8 Ball Pool, with various customization options available to players. From cues with unique designs to different table backgrounds and even individual chat packs, players can create a playing environment that reflects their style and personality. This level of personalization fosters a sense of ownership and investment in the game, making it even more immersive.

In-game currency and microtransactions

The game includes an in-game currency called “Pool Coins”, which players can earn by winning matches or completing daily missions. These Pool Coins can be used to enter higher-stakes matches, purchase upgrades, and participate in special in-game events. Additionally, a premium currency known as “Pool Cash” can be purchased through in-app purchases and allows players to purchase premium cues, exclusive items, or special tournament entries.

While the game can be enjoyed without spending real money, microtransactions give players a way to enhance their experience and access exclusive content. Despite the availability of microtransactions, the game remains balanced and fair, ensuring that skill and practice remain the main factors of success.

Tournaments and events

8 Ball Pool keeps players engaged and entertained with a constant stream of tournaments and special events. These limited-time challenges often offer unique rewards and prizes for participants, encouraging players to log in regularly and put their skills to the test.

Community and social interaction

The game’s thriving community is a key part of its enduring appeal. Players can chat with their opponents during matches, send in-game gifts, and join clubs to connect with like-minded players. Clubs provide a social space for players to discuss strategies, share tips and organize club-exclusive tournaments, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition.

Global Recognition and Esports

The immense popularity has not gone unnoticed in the world of sports. The game has even attracted professional players who compete in prestigious tournaments and championships, showing off their skills in front of thousands of spectators. The game’s competitive aspect makes it a perfect fit for the esports scene.


In conclusion, 8 Ball Pool has established itself as a balanced iconic multiplayer pool game that continues to captivate players around the globe. User-friendly gameplay, social features, and constant updates keep the community close, while its esports potential adds a new dimension to its competitive aspect. Whether you’re a pool enthusiast or a casual player looking for some friendly competition, 8 Ball Pool offers a thrilling virtual pool experience that stands the test of time.

Rating and reviews
3.6M Ratings


I don’t write reviews very often but I wanted to for this one.

First off, thanks for making it entertaining enough that I want to spend 5.00 for the pool pass. So many game programmers developed a game and expect the players to put out cash just because. Something I hate… But I do have a small complaint about your game. Let’s say I’m in the middle of a 5000 game of 9 ball. A friend comes online and challenged me. I leave the game I’m playing and the matchup just keeps spinning with no connection to my friend. This is extremely irritating because the matchup never works. It cannot be that hard to make it work. Especially if the friend is right here in the U.S. I’m matched up with strangers from all over the world, but cannot get hooked up with a friend that is in another state….. Please fix this. And then my review will change to 5 stars. Until that time, 4 is the best I can give. Thank you.


Great, 8 Ball Pool is awesome, I downloaded lots of pool games but I always play this one. The developers did an exceptional job and the gameplay is very enjoyable. I have improved my skill level. Bugs or errors are very minimal; I do think after playing for some months that when you have lots of money, shots that are lined up right to the pocket sometimes do not go in. The spin prizes are not randomized too well. The miscellaneous cues I have so many and I never use them and/or would have to spend an excessive amount of money to get them upgraded to be useful. Two major gripes are that you have to pay to practice. It would be very helpful to be able to place the balls in certain spots to practice shots or have the game perform a shot in different areas and then you can practice them; that would be fair to charge for. Some cues cannot be upgraded at will by using coins. You need to spawn and spend and hope the box provides an upgrade to the cue you want it for. The piggy bank rates are excessive. Please make a rough patch and the slippery board and the random break shot part of the regular boards that can be played. It was great diversity added to the games. It would be a great segway between Tokyo and the high entry fee games. All in all a beautiful job in doing the games with the graphics, the boards, and the varying textures of the pool tables.


Fixed results with an increasing number of bots
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and have billions of coins without ever paying for new cues. Have never paid a cent to play this game. That said, it’s become very evident that the vast majority of games you play are fixed. Skill is such a minor determining factor of who wins or loses for a material number of your games, and it’s only gotten worse over time. Over the last twelve games I’ve played, you can tell that four have been computers, who all get to break and have a 100% chance of clearing the table before you have a shot. In other words, if you assume you have a zero percent chance of winning 33% of your games, you can max out at 67%. Since I win 65% of my games, I effectively beat 90+% of human opponents. That said, it is very frustrating to have to take a step back in coins every so often because of the number of bots you play. If the developers want to improve the game, it should be completely human interaction. I don’t take offense when I lose to a human player, but is very frustrating to lose millions of coins to a robot. When it happens in 1 out of every 3 games, the frustration is amplified. For people who pay money to play, please heed my words that you’re wasting your time and money. Hone your skills and play for free as I do. In conclusion, if the number of bots continues to increase, my time playing this game will soon reach its end.

These were just a few of the millions of reviews

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