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Royal Match – A Royal Match Adventure

Royal Match is an addictive game that combines strategic match-3 puzzle elements

Royal Match with the charm and look of a royal kingdom, the mobile game is developed by Dream Games. Players embark on a journey through a whimsical world full of colorful and precious stones with intricate challenges and delightful characters. With its brilliant graphics, addictive gameplay, and unique features, Royal Match has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world.

At its core, Royal Match is a game of strategy, memory, and observation. The objective is to match pairs of cards from a shuffled deck until all the cards have been successfully paired. The deck typically consists of beautifully illustrated cards adorned with various royal characters, symbols, or motifs, making it not only enjoyable but visually appealing as well.

The gameplay mechanics of Royal Match are similar to match-3 games but with interesting twists. Players are presented with a board filled with colored gems of various shapes and sizes. The goal is to match at least three identical gems in a row or column to create explosive combinations and clear the board. However, Royal Match introduces new elements such as royal artifacts, magical boosters, and unique power-ups that spice up the gameplay and add layers of strategy.

What sets Royal Match apart from other match-3 games is its delightful story and the addition of a city-building aspect. By completing levels and collecting resources, players can build beautiful buildings, restore fountains, and revive gardens. The city aspect adds a rewarding sense of achievement, but also ties the key puzzle-solving element to a larger narrative, making the game more immersive.

In addition to the main storyline, Royal Match offers various side activities and events to keep players entertained and engaged. Time-limited events, special challenges, and seasonal activities provide exciting opportunities to earn exclusive rewards and boost progress. These events often feature unique puzzles and mechanics, keeping the gameplay fresh and diverse.

One of the most delightful aspects of Royal Match is its cast of characters. The regal avatars, complete with charming animations and distinctive personalities, add depth to the gaming experience. Each character has unique abilities that players can activate during gameplay, such as reshuffling the cards, removing specific cards from the board, or even granting bonus points. These special abilities not only offer strategic advantages but also enhance the narrative and immersion. Royal Match also boasts a rich narrative that unfolds as players progress through the levels.

The story revolves around the king and queen’s desire to renovate the kingdom’s most prestigious castle. As advisors, players are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting valuable resources to fund the restoration project. This engrossing storyline serves as a driving force, motivating players to continue their quest for matching excellence.

In conclusion

Royal Match is a brilliant card-matching game that has successfully captivated all players with its blend of strategy, addictive gameplay, and captivating narrative. The game’s royal setting, charming characters, and lush visuals create an experience that transports players to a world of grandeur and elegance.

The match-three puzzle mechanics, coupled with unique power-ups and obstacles, provide a satisfying and challenging gameplay experience. The cleverly designed progression system strikes a balance between accessibility for new players and ample challenges for seasoned gamers. The inclusion of special abilities tied to each character adds depth to the gameplay and enhances the overall narrative.

Furthermore, the continuous stream of updates, events, and challenges keeps the game dynamic and fresh, encouraging players to remain engaged and invested in their journey through the royal court. The player-friendly monetization model allows for progression without requiring real money, making it accessible to a broad audience.

With its engaging storyline revolving around restoring the kingdom’s grand castle and the diverse cast of characters, Royal Match offers an immersive experience that goes beyond typical match-three games. Players feel a sense of responsibility and purpose as advisors to the royal court, fostering an emotional connection to the game’s narrative.

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Rating and reviews
4.7 out of 5
1.5M Ratings

Laura buck

Fun but….
I’ve been playing for a few months now and I switched teams to an amazing team that plays and gives lives. Some things I’ve noticed about this game: Levels that are categorized as nothing, hard, very hard & super hard. I think that’s crap with some of them. I would not say it’s luck when I get through a hard level or even super hard level in one or 2 lives without using any power boosters at the beginning of the playing level. I’m on a normal level now that is not categorized as hard or super hard. It should be categorized as super hard. When it can take me 2 days to get past a level, yeah, I would consider that to be hard to super hard. I think they just throw that label on any level. I feel like it’s all preset. Has anyone else noticed that when you get 30 minutes of free lives, no matter how easy or hard the levels are, you’ll get through one, maybe two levels then you’ll get stuck on an easy level for the remainder of the 30 minutes? Once the 30 minutes is almost up, you’ll get through the level. All in all, the game is fun. You don’t need to buy anything nice. Also, they always come up with new ads for the game by helping out the kind but there aren’t any of those levels once you get passed a certain point of the game. That would make it more fun.

Daryl Dixon

It’s really good but…
The cards you collect are cool. I love that you can earn stuff for collecting the entire pack but they never get the last card!! Like yeah, you get wild cards but it takes way longer to get a wild card instead of just collecting the card needed. I would have a lot of packs collected but 1 I don’t get the card needed and 2 it takes forever to get a wild card. I love this game I’m on level 600 something and my mom loves the game she’s on level 2000 something but me and her have the same problems with the game. And at the end of the game when it gives you the power boosters when you complete it and have extra lives they should be worth more. Most of the time I only get 15+ coins after a normal level. The super hard lvls give you 100 after completing it plus the extra moves which is good I just wish that the power boosters were worth more. And the bonus levels where you collect just coins should give you a few more moves cuz as I go on into the game the moves for the bonus levels decrease I don’t know if it’s just me who’s having this problem and noticed but I just wanted to put that out there. Anyways I love the game it keeps me entertained. It’s the only game I have on my phone but there are a few fixes you should make like the coin amount and the cards earned ( if you haven’t finished a pack it should lessen the duplication cards so you get the card needed)


Love it, but…
As a player who has reached level 2353, I’d say I LOVE this game! The ONLY gripe I can say I have is when you win any kind of timed prize, you’re forced to accept it right then rather than being able to use it when you have the extra time. It’s very aggravating to get free unlimited lives or power-ups for the next 30 minutes when I have 2 minutes left of my lunch break. You get the drift. It’s not like the ads where you’re saving the king, those are only once-in-a-blue-moon levels that you have the option to play or skip. Nonetheless, it’s an addictive game! None of the levels are impossible to beat like in some other games where you play the same level for a month straight and give up because you’re never gonna beat it. At most, I’ve had to play the same level 10-15 times before I’m able to get by. I’ve never had to pay money either, though there is the option for that too if you want to get more power-ups, coins, or lives quickly. You can join a “team” where you’re able to request lives from the other players and you can end up with 15 lives by the time you log back in. It’s a fun game and a great way to pass the time if you’ve got nothing else to do. Will continue playing until the levels run out!

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